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Growing trees on wastelands, where due to the very high salinity in most cases not even grass species are growing, seems to be utterly impossible. It would however provide the unique opportunity to produce, timber, bio products, like oil, fibres and pulp, and biomass for energy on land, which is not suitable for food production.

With a growing population, there is a very high demand of these products, especially in the countries most affected by salinization, like India and Pakistan. Biosaline Agro Forestry would provide a key to cultivate these wastelands and thereby produce bio products for growing economies.  The BIOSAFOR research project is investigating the potential of biosaline agro forestry from the choice of the right trees, to an optimized management and the development of economical feasible value chains.

BIOSAFOR stands for Biosaline (Agro)Forestry: Remediation of saline wastelands through production of renewable energy, biomaterials and fodder.

BIOSAFOR is a joint research project of nine research institutes from the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Germany, India, Pakistan, Spain and the United Arab Emirates financed by the European Commission within the Sixth Framework Programme.

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Universiteit Utrecht ICBA ACACIA BARI CITA CSSRI PARC UNIHohenheim

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